YSD series intelligent transpo

    This series product is used to record in road, rail and sea transport of goods of vibration, a similar form on the "black box", it records collected data can be used to analyze whether the goods damage, as well as the extent of the damage. This series of products has more than 90% market share in domestic power industry and exports to all parts of the world.

Product display

The products in the domestic market share has reached more than 90%, and independent export to Europe and the United States and other countries, but also with the
Domestic power equipment exports to the rest of the world.

YSD- series intelligent transportation monitoring terminal
This product is mainly used in highway, railway and sea transportation. Used to monitor the transported goods in transit by the impact force, and the force of the impact, recorded, for the user to judge whether the goods are transport performance or quality changes in the transport process, with reference to research.
YSD- series of products using the integrated design, namely the recorder to reach the destination or site, without any external computer equipment to view the recorded data, and can view the motion data has been running in the running way, users only need to connect the AC110-AC220 power to print data, this is only my company production, is currently the world's only with this function recorder. This product adopts American ad company's advanced sensor technology, the measurement of the apparent value error reached 0.1 acceleration units, the sensitivity to temperature is almost 0, this is the world of any company products can not do.
YSD- Series in the design, data processing and the existing domestic and foreign companies have a different market, the recorder has a different nature. YSD series intelligent monitoring terminal Hongji company has completely independent intellectual property rights. After many years of market validation, the product has been highly recognized and praised by the majority of customers.
Our products in the domestic market share has reached more than 90%, but also exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, but also with the domestic transformers are exported to all over the world.

Product basic parameter table

  • Equipment function

    GPS/GPRS location
    GPRS early warning
    Handheld warning
    Integrated design, the machine print data
    5.5 inch color touch screen
    Can display the machine display record data
    View recorded data on the run
    Connect PC printer to print data
    USB output data

  • Monitoring parameters

    Acceleration: 10g
    Tilt angle: 0-45
    Nuclear radiation: 0.01 ~ 350 Sv/h
    Temperature range: -40 - 150
    Altitude: 0 - 6000 m
    Atmospheric pressure: ATM 0.1-1
    Container pressure: 0 - 10Mp
    Relative humidity: 10-100%
    Harmful bacteria in food: all kinds of
    Harmful bacteria in pharmaceutical raw materials: a variety of
    Driving speed: km/h 0-200

  • Equipment parameters

    Shell material: 5mm thickness of aviation aluminum, CNC machining molding
    Can work under strong magnetic field and strong static electricity
    Waterproof: IP66
    Using ambient temperature: -30 ~ 70
    Storage temperature: ~80 -50
    Volume: 190 mm *130 mm *66 mm */140 mm *126 mm *66 mm
    Weight: 1.7kg/1.5kg
    Continuous working time: 90/180/240 (day) optional
    Power: rechargeable lithium battery, life 1500 times


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