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M-3 mechanical shock recorder, the use of mechanical and mechanical principles, record the X, Y, Z three axis acceleration. The vibration waveform value is recorded on the pressure sensitive paper. Excellent product design, high reliability, easy to opera

Product application

Major equipment and precision equipment transportation monitoring

IOGj mechanical recorder product features:
1: well designed, reliable and durable.
2: can continuously record up to 6 months.
3: equipment is complete, do not need to add additional equipment.
4: solid shell, waterproof.
5: you can immediately see the results of running records.
IOG is a kind of mechanical shock recorder recording accelerometer in all directions have recorded vibration and shock ability of patent. The recorder records the impact of each occurrence on a pressure sensitive chart paper, including the magnitude, direction, and occurrence time. These shocks are recorded by the independent operation record pointer of the 3 separate axes.
Mechanical shock recorder should be securely in the designated object, so that it can monitor the real impact from the object, the unit mass sensing inertia will move the pointer to the acceleration in large amplitude (long pulse), proportion and rate (short pulses), because of its full range performance, shock recorder may be installed in any position, standard for the installation of "the direction of Y axis monitoring.
Product application: power transformer, steam turbine, electronic control system, switch equipment, precision instruments, medical diagnostic equipment, testing and experimental equipment, boiler and water tanks, missiles, satellites, aerospace, nuclear fuel cell, space shuttle pumps, jet engines, semiconductor, automotive parts, fragile goods transportation.


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