ARIS Series Intelligent Transp

ARIS is a kind of intelligent monitoring system,
which can advance warning and control risks in the transportation of important and precise equipment,
dangerous chemicals and food and drug.

ARIS system is YSD terminal has the advantage that ARIS can be preset by monitoring the critical value, when the monitoring exceeds the critical value of phase index, ARIS system through holding a warning device or GPRS network early warning signal, remind relevant personnel to take effective measures to avoid continue to cause more damage to monitor the goods, to nip in the bud.

  In the "military equipment, nuclear power equipment, aerospace, major and precision equipment, for, food and drug" in the process of logistics, with the ARIS system timely and accurate warning for safety operation specification, you can avoid most of the major accidents. According to incomplete statistics, the ARIS series products have saved billions of dollars in cost savings for customers to check maintenance costs and damage compensation. The series products are in the leading position in design and development, core technology, production scale, marketing and market share.

Product display

ARIS series has a revolutionary prophet, seer and prophet, is the international product transportation and installation of
A breakthrough innovation in the process of active safety management and control technology.

Product basic parameter table

  • Equipment function

    GPS/GPRS location
    GPRS early warning
    Handheld warning
    Integrated design, the machine print data
    5.5 inch color touch screen
    Can display the machine display record data
    View recorded data on the run
    Connect PC printer to print data
    USB output data

  • Monitoring parameters

    Acceleration: 10g
    Tilt angle: 0-45
    Nuclear radiation: 0.01 ~ 350 Sv/h
    Temperature range: -40 - 150
    Altitude: 0 - 6000 m
    Atmospheric pressure: ATM 0.1-1
    Container pressure: 0 - 10Mp
    Relative humidity: 10-100%
    Harmful bacteria in food: all kinds of
    Harmful bacteria in pharmaceutical raw materials: a variety of
    Driving speed: km/h 0-200

  • Equipment parameters

    Shell material: 5mm thickness of aviation aluminum, CNC machining molding
    Can work under strong magnetic field and strong static electricity
    Waterproof: IP66
    Using ambient temperature: -30 ~ 70
    Storage temperature: ~80 -50
    Volume: 190 mm *130 mm *66 mm */140 mm *126 mm *66 mm
    Weight: 1.7kg/1.5kg
    Continuous working time: 90/180/240 (day) optional
    Power: rechargeable lithium battery, life 1500 times


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