Warm congratulations to our company won the "Shenyang City, a model of labor rel

2016/12/05 65

2015, under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the city's extensive and in-depth development of labor relations and harmonious enterprises to create activities, and achieved remarkable results. In order to promote the city to create work, the construction of harmonious labor relations work leading group decided that the certification of "Shenyang model harmonious labor relations in enterprises" 180 households, we create outstanding results, among them, finally the municipal government in recognition of. This is the biggest affirmation of our work, but also the company's highest honor, is the company's leadership and all the staff to work together to write a good chapter.
2015 is an extraordinary year, but also a year of harvest. Division I actively respond to the call of the municipal government, and actively carry out the work of building a harmonious enterprise. Especially focus on standardized labor, the implementation of labor laws and regulations, reasonable to increase the income of workers, strengthen democratic management in enterprises, focusing on workers' humanistic care, and actively participate in the activities to create a harmonious labor relations, to further promote the harmonious and stable labor relations in our city.
We must cherish the honor, good experience, continue to explore the building of harmonious labor relations of good practices, to continue to lead a harmonious labor relations, and make greater contribution to the Shenyang sound and rapid economic and social development!

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Warm congratulations to our company won the "Shenyang City, a model of labor rel
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