My company and the new northeast electric group high voltage switch equipment Co

2016/12/05 51

Long term strategic contract signed in February 15, 2016 with the recorder products, new northeast electric group high voltage switchgear Co. Ltd., through the company sales and technical aspects of the number of personnel to communicate with the relevant departments to the new northeast electric group, and after several rigorous product trial test, the customer has a very high on our recorder product acceptance, closing April 22, 2016 sales volume recorder products has reached 500 units.
Ltd. is a professional design, development, manufacture and sale of power transmission and distribution system for high voltage, high voltage, high voltage switch electric manufacturing enterprises. According to "China high voltage switch Industry Yearbook 2009", according to the production value calculation, enterprises in 2009 to become one of China's three major high-voltage switch manufacturers. The company leading products of gas insulated switchgear (GIS), six sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, generator protection circuit breaker, AC high-voltage isolation switch etc. more than 20 series, more than 190 varieties, more than 450 kinds of specifications, a plurality of voltage level distribution in 72.5kV - 1100kV.
The achievement of the business marks my company recorder products once again opened up a new industry, but also my company recorder product business, another new starting point. We will take the new Northeast Electric Group Limited company of equipment of high voltage switch as a successful case, the recorder products rapidly forward to the high voltage switch and related industries, to become the protector of transportation products.
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My company and the new northeast electric group high voltage switch equipment Co
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