Care for employees to focus on health - the company's new staff into the job phy

2016/12/05 133

People oriented, sincere care for employees." This is not a simple word, but real action. Allow employees to understand their own health status in a timely manner, to protect the health of employees played a role in promoting.
At present, with the acceleration of urban life and work rhythm and the increase of pressure, people can easily enter into sub healthy state if they are unable to self adapt and protect themselves. The company has always attached great importance to their physical and mental health, every year the organization of medical staff is an important content of trade unions to safeguard the interests of employees, in addition to the annual arrangement of medical staff, the company also paid supplementary medical insurance and accident insurance for employees.
These initiatives truly reflect the company's health care staff, so that employees feel the warmth of the enterprise, by the general staff of the unanimous welcome and praise. Companies hope that the majority of employees in hard work, strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, with a full of vitality, to meet the challenges, with a healthy body and mind to actively put into the work.

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Care for employees to focus on health - the company's new staff into the job phy
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