Corporate contract legal risk prevention training

2016/12/05 164

Contracts related to the management, operations, business and other activities of the enterprise, is the key to foreign economic activities, deeply affect and determine the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and economic benefits.
As the legal consciousness of the contract management personnel to effectively enhance the company's various departments, standardize contract management, enhance the ability to avoid the legal risk in April 5th, each department of the company more than 20 people participated in the contract legal risk prevention training.
Training invitation to Shenyang Bailian law firm director Cui Xiubin taught. In the "contract" legal risk prevention ", citing typical cases in the practice of law, in the signing of the contract, in the process of implementing the legal risk prevention consciousness is low and others signed a contract to fulfill the process without the existence of a large number of professional examination of the common mistakes were easy to understand, explain and patience analysis. Training meeting, Cui Xiubin, director of the training staff also participated in the field of the contract signed on the specific issues encountered in the process of answering questions, guidance.
The training contents, realistic and practical, through the training, can not only grasp the basic knowledge of contract signing and performance and dispute handling, and can have the basic methods to prevent business risks of contract law, and actively guide and promote the business of centralized Department effective contract review.

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Corporate contract legal risk prevention training
2016/12/05 164


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