Equity incentive of transition capital

2016/12/05 199

Shenyang eye Chi Yun Mdt InfoTech Ltd executive deputy general manager Liu Zhi Essien in May 12 and No. 13 in the three Zang Zang teacher "equity incentive capital of its ultra famous pulpit" open course.
Zang Qichao teacher

China's first advisory type equity investment and financing experts
China's first enterprise transformation and upgrading of experts
China's most authoritative wolf business experts
Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other domestic universities MBA/EMBA tutor
11 years of investment 152 companies, 17 companies listed
Has received Li Jiacheng, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun and other famous entrepreneurs special counseling

This course includes the following parts: the understanding of equity incentive; equity incentive common mode; equity incentive design and process; management and attention matters; and stock insurance control.
Several key points should be attention in the planning of equity incentive: although equity incentive shares usually does not exceed the company's total share of 10%, but it is one of the important factors affecting the development of enterprises; equity incentive is not the purpose, the purpose is to improve performance; equity incentive success criteria, can take performance increase to determine directly; more than 30% of the incentive is the success of equity incentive incentive; do well in stabilizing and improving the efficiency, the boss, can the integration of upstream and downstream foreign market expansion; a means of financing and equity incentive, more precisely, false financing really incentive.
The course proceeds: encourage the integration of upstream and downstream resources through equity incentive; their sense of belonging to the company, the sense of responsibility; let the core staff and business executives and you never abandon, of one heart and one mind; benefit sharing risk sharing. Realize enterprise value multiplier, etc..
Through two days of equity incentive learning, let the company top benefit, a new understanding of equity, and enroll in the field of Shenyang Railway Station "governance custom class", the planning reform scheme is feasible for the company. Equity incentive is not necessarily to give real equity, but to give a certain economic interests and power. It will allow employees to participate in corporate management, and with the continuous development of the company to obtain the corresponding return, to bear the corresponding risks.
Let us look forward to the early arrival of equity incentive!

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