started training for new employees Zhiyun

2016/12/05 142

Countries in order to be established, the government in order to only governance, the industry in order to. Use, merit, continue to introduce talents, constantly update the "blood" is the enterprise based on the market, strong, long-term development. In the fierce market competition mechanism, the gap between the enterprise and the enterprise is actually the gap between people. Therefore, eye Zhiyun attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents. May 28, 2016, is a year when the new report, the company continued to attach importance to the tradition of new people in the company on the third floor conference room for the company has just entered the new staff to prepare the relevant training content.
After the company human resources department in charge of Li Nan's training. Allow new employees to learn faster and better integrate into the company. New self introduction, so that the new employees to understand each other, the company has a preliminary understanding of their positions are also clear positioning, the future is full of expectations and confidence. Also deeply felt the company leadership for new employees and meticulous care and attention.

Bingde Chong Road, build good world. Fresh May, vibrant May! Shenyang wisdom cloud eye again injected fresh blood, let into the high-speed development period of the cloud eye wisdom increases power, add wings, believe that tomorrow will be better in the sun.

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