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2016/12/05 147

Over the past year and more, we are talking about a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, about the German industry 4, talk about China made 2025, about the United States industrial internet. A new revolution has begun! For our business is a great challenge, but also a very important opportunity. Therefore, we must recognize such a severe challenge and opportunity to meet and embrace this change.
In the past we talk about smart factory or concept factory or intelligent manufacturing, you will think of robots, in fact, this is not the complete concept of intelligence. So in the end what is the smart factory? With this question, the morning of June 16th, I led a line of 6 people in Liu Zixin under the leadership of vice president to visit the Technology Industrial Park, the total R & D section into the cloud and production minister Sun Haixia et al to travel together. Sim Technology Group is a leading enterprise of mobile communication, mobile handheld terminal, wireless communication module solutions to mobile phone, the main business is considered through business model innovation and leading technology advantages, made outstanding generation market leading national enterprise scale.
First, accompanied by sales director Philip Shenyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Sun Dawei, AVIC Jincheng Chi Group Limited market director Han Peng's tour of the intelligent robot automatic production line, SMT production equipment and testing equipment. Seeing is believing, smart sensors are installed on each equipment of the production workshop, according to the staff, the entire workshop multiple sensor installation is one of the important infrastructure of intelligent plant transformation, sensor networking and enterprise data can be real-time operation of each machine's original information system software such as CRM, ERP connected together based on the collected a total of intelligent command center, so as to realize the production plan from the command center issued directly to each machine, instead of the original but also after the workshop, working personnel at communication and coordination, the resulting production accuracy, flexibility and efficiency to enhance the self-evident. Related staff also explained in detail the operation of the process, the system automatic warning plant abnormal situation and other functions.
From this, the industrial Internet to achieve interoperability, real-time control, and then to achieve security, energy conservation will be the core technology of intelligent plant. Specifically, through the network to obtain the application of large data, development, sales, ERP, PLM, SCM and other business management systems and the actual production process, such as coordination. Through the interconnection between devices, improve the mutual cooperation between the devices, so that the production module with a more flexible and more freedom.
Left the intelligent production workshop, we came to the multi-function meeting room. Sim technology as we carefully prepared the enterprise introduction and professional intelligent shop renovation scheme. Visiting team members combined with the characteristics of our company with the relevant staff to carry out a detailed exchange. Han Peng, director of marketing and then introduces the 4 industrial and manufacturing Chinese 2025 based on specific issues facing the technology in every stage of intelligent plant transformation and the solution, carefully explain to a delegation of more comprehensive and objective understanding of the sim.
Through the field of learning, to understand the smart factory is not only intelligent model of intelligent system, so simple, but the traditional factory with image thinking, let him assume independent analysis, judgment and decision making tasks, can better play the human potential in cooperation with intelligent machines, the man-machine relationship between performance out of work, a kind of equal mutual understanding and mutual cooperation. Therefore, in the intelligent manufacturing system, high quality, high intelligent people will play a better role. Throughout the visit to learn to communicate, the members of the delegation to show the desire for the future of intelligent production workshop!

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