2016 Liaoning provincial civil military integration and docking will be held in

2016/12/05 137

In order to further implement the "2025" Chinese manufacturing and the integration of military and civilian national strategy, and build enterprise information technology vendors to further mutual exchanges and understanding of the open platform, and to promote the exchange of dual-use technology achievements transformation technology of industrial enterprises and informatization of enterprises, by the Liaoning Provincial Committee of industry and information technology company General Management Department invited me to participate in the industry and Information Technology Department of information and software services company, Liaoning province industry and Information Technology Committee (Liaoning national defense science and Technology Industry Office) organized development alliance, China industrial software industry in Guangzhou ZWCAD software Limited by Share Ltd, on September 1, 2016 at the Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center and domestic industrial software solutions outstanding exhibition and Liaoning province will butt fusion.
The docking will further implement the "2025" Chinese manufacturing and the integration of military and civilian national strategy, and build the enterprise informationization and manufacturers further mutual exchange and the understanding of open platform, promote the transformation of industrial enterprises and software enterprise technology exchange and dual-use technology achievements. Matchmaking, Neusoft Corporation, Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangzhou UFIDA network ZWCAD software Limited by Share Ltd, Intel Engineering Simulation Technology (Dalian) Co. Ltd. and other IT companies, focus on cross-border integration, IT help the auto industry upgrading "," intelligent driving new manufacturing "and" intelligent manufacturing era, CAD technology can help enterprise innovation and development "," CAE oriented intelligent manufacturing integrated innovation platform -- INTESIM theme for the explanation and demonstration.
Meng Jimin, deputy director of the provincial Commission on the promotion of civil military integration depth development of policy measures and work ideas to make a keynote speech. Defense science and Industry Office, navy and air force equipment department in Shenyang Representative Office of the government departments and military experts to promote the depth development of civil military integration policy, explain the weapons and equipment research and production license, quality system certification, equipment contractor qualification, military materials procurement and other relevant laws and regulations, the national military and civilian integration of public service platform the main function of the armed forces and the development direction and key equipment construction. At the meeting also on the military and civilian technologies to promote two-way transfer of key projects to promote and exchange.

Through the docking communication and listening, so that we know more about national Hongji electrical main ideas to promote civil military integration development, and the "army" of the relevant policies, procedures and path, enhanced civil units involved in the construction of national defense in order to further promote the public confidence, I Si Junmin fusion product development research and development of the road, to a positive role in promoting.

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