1、Dynamic cabin infrared thermal image system

This system is applied to various power hold important data collection and analysis and early warning monitoring field, based on the infrared thermal image perception and early warning technology, through artificial intelligence analysis software for data feature recognition, implement internal flammable power capsule from smoldering, hidden fire to the whole process of open real-time monitoring and prediction. The system is mainly composed of two parts, the perceptual terminal and the control terminal. The sensing terminal is installed in the power module to obtain the infrared image of the dynamic cabin in real time. The control terminal is installed in the monitoring room, and the infrared image data obtained by the sensing terminal is received in time.

2、Important component vibration noise test and analysis system

This system is based on acoustic quality detection and analysis, and realizes the quality monitoring and analysis function of low-noise components of the parts, and provides technical support for vibration acoustic problems. Acoustic quality inspection tooling system consists of excitation system, data acquisition system and data analysis software system, the excitation system mainly complete the precise adjustment of vibration machine installation and support, to provide test meet the requirements of vibrator; The data acquisition system completes the collection of vibration and acoustic signals. Data analysis software system complete data analysis, processing and automatic reporting.

3、Operation data collection and control system of the whole life period

This system consists of two parts, the big data application monitoring software installed in the platform integrated command center and the complete intelligent sensing terminal installed in the monitoring points of the platform. The whole-life system supports a set of intelligent sensing terminals with hundreds of monitoring points, each of which is equipped with one or more intelligent monitoring devices based on demand. Big data applications monitoring software by receiving intellisense terminal real-time uploaded platform equipment status data, comparison analysis, and in the form of images, tables or three-dimensional images, according to the implementation platform on the whole lifetime of important equipment data acquisition and control early warning analysis.


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