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2016/12/05 157

Mainly used in emergency management and control command of hazardous chemicals, major and precision equipment, nuclear power equipment, food and drug Logistics Intelligent Management and control;
Unmanned vehicle control and other areas of aircraft

Tianchi's "tianchi" cloud data service center developed independently; As well as "the equipment lifetime data monitoring and analyzing system operation platform, contingency control platform for explosives, major equipment logistics intelligent control platform of" three big data service demonstration platform; Attitude state intelligent monitoring system; All-domain intelligent sensing terminal products. The technology is in the international advanced, the domestic leading level, the main application in the whole life time control, the logistics of the dangerous chemical explosives and the emergency rescue and control control and control; Intelligent control of major and precise equipment, nuclear equipment and food and drug logistics; Unmanned control of vehicles and vehicles. Among them, YSD logistics intelligent monitoring terminal series products have been no.1 in the world since 8 years ago, and the market share of China's power industry has always been in the first place. In nuclear power, the three gorges project, power plant, + 500 / + 800 kv HVDC project, millions of volts extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation projects of national key project of transportation equipment, as well as the transport of military equipment, eye ZhiYun occupies an important place of products and services. 
Most of the company's customer base, made up of some world top and Chinese manufacturing top, objectively accomplished eye ZhiYun development, bring up the height of the ZhiYun eye, eye as well as the bright prospects of ZhiYun.

YSD series intelligent transpo

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