We sincerely welcome you to visit Shenyang in Chi Yun Mdt InfoTech Ltd (referred to as: Wisdom Eye cloud) website, thank you for your attention and support to our company!
Eye Zhiyun company's development and growth, the majority of users and always cannot do without your support and help. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, eye Zhiyun closely around the "innovation thinking of management, lay a solid foundation for promoting the development of the management goal, and vigorously promote the market as the guide of the business plan for the index, to post job duties constraints, work process specification work behavior target standard driven management.
Eye of wisdom cloud is a manufacturing industry as a fundamental, promote manufacturing system solutions provider service industry transformation and extension of industrial chain enterprises, but also all the wisdom eye Yunren stage to show themselves, the cradle of growth. Here, we adhere to the "let employees realize the dream" to "let users fall in love with the eye of wisdom cloud" as the core, the practice of "core value of shareholder satisfaction, employee happiness" concept, make the eye of wisdom cloud to become a strong sense of social responsibility of enterprises, make eye Zhiyun all employees toward their career development, occupation goals and personal ideal focus and continuously
The eye of wisdom cloud, to attract talented people is the key to the success of the company, any management intent of the enterprise, talent is the decisive role. Company leaders to enrich the cultural life of employees, broaden their vision, strengthen the sense of responsibility of the staff team. Through various forms of professional counseling for employees within the company to carry out effective rotation examination, team development experience, show a series of activities, greatly improve the staff's sense of responsibility and pride, to achieve common progress and development of enterprises and employees.
Every eye staff in Zhiyun every word and action to show the world the wisdom eye Yunren style, we always uphold: "solid work, provide nanny services for customers." The purpose of the service.
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