development strategy

"The world is for me. I use it for the world."
-- zhiyun zhiyun has a long and persistent pursuit of development philosophy and goals

Tianzhi zhiyun should be the most innovative enterprise in the development and manufacturing field of total life control, intelligent manufacturing and logistics intelligent monitoring products.
      Tianzhi zhiyun creates growth and success opportunities for every employee.
      Tianzhi zhiyun provides the best products and services for our customers with the best product quality and the best product performance.
      Tianzhi zhiyun wants to be a strong social responsibility enterprise.
      We should constantly promote the social reputation and market brand value of zhiyun.
      Tianzhi zhiyun needs to adopt the shareholding system transformation, realize the capital marketization, adapt to the market economy's demand, through the financing, the rongzhi, embark on the fast lane of development, towards a better tomorrow.


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